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Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

1723 Wells | Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3601 USA | (734) 996-1949 |


Voosh-Voosh is a song to comfort a sad heart. Vatsche Barsoumian conducts this popular work by Suni in 1990 in Eagle Rock, California.

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The song words:

[Expression of grief, said while rocking forward & backward, slapping the hands down on knees]/p>

Voosh, voosh, find a cure for my grief,
Voosh voosh, pull the thorn out of my heart;
By voosh vooshing, by fush fushing,
From the burning pain that gnaws the heart.

The frothy sea is agitated,
And is hitting the chest of the rocky beach,
Then breaks right away into pieces,
And retreats back hopelessly.

But the sharp rock of the unknown mind,
Stays back and says nothing,
By voosh vooshing and by fush fushing,
Suffering burning pain.

The frothy sea is troubled,
It is heaving sighs and praying;
Akh, from the deep wound of my heart
Comes tormenting pain.

The wound is immense, the pain without cure,
The blood is flowing painfully,
Voosh voosh, voosh voosh,
Voosh voosh, voosh voosh, voosh.

[Alla Petrossian Gharibian’s translation 4-2006]
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