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Sing for Your Baby Music Education

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Armenian composer, conductor, musicologist, and teacher Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939) was born into a long line of Armenian ashough (minstrel) singers, going back generations. The music was transmitted by the oral tradition, with the elders singing and playing instruments for the youth, who listened, absorbed, and grew to become elders themselves. This tradition continues today. Presented here are a series of articles about music education by the Suzuki method, created by Shin’ichi Suzuki (1898-1998). The article “Sing for Your Baby” is about the oral tradition. Following articles address psychology, learning, and the art of teaching.

Shin’ichi Suzuki pointed out that all normal babies learn their mother tongue fluently. This is the language we hear in our immediate environment even before we are born.The way we learn this first language he calls “The Mother Tongue Method”. He also calls it “Talent Education” because all babies develop talent in their mother tongue, depending on the what they hear in their environment. We can study this method and apply it to all education, especially to music education, since music and language are both systems of sound learned by ear. The way babies learn to walk is also part of this study. This is the Suzuki Method.

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  1. Sing for Your Baby 1 | 2
  2. Sing for Your Baby Response (Letter)
  3. Approach Positive as Babywalk Talk
  4. Piano Lessons from Birth
  5. Preparation for Suzuki Lessons: Arousing the Desire
  6. Kids Want to Save Face
  7. “Individual” Lessons (not Private)
  8. Mrs. Suzuki speaks about Suzuki Method 1 | 2 | 3
  9. Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Music (listen/watch) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  10. Getting an Early Start
  11. Dr. Suzuki’s Message to All Suzuki Teachers
  12. To be Moved by Music
  13. Bell Tone and Vibrato
  14. Armena Marderosian: Teaching the Piano with Love 1 | 2
  15. Suzuki Teacher Training, Parent Education Flyer
  16. Playing Along: Living Tone
  17. Call Back When You’re Humming All of Book One
  18. Haruko Kataoka’s Video Lecture
  19. One Child, One Parent, One Teacher, Bad Environment
  20. Lesson Buddies Have Time
  21. Hiding Behind Piano and Forte is Icing a Stale Cake!
  22. How Sevan Turned Her Mom Into A Suzuki Violin Mom
  23. Oh, She Already Knows That Song
  24. Listen, Sing It, Find It, Play It…Ditto
  25. Tone and Body
  26. Eyes Closed Playing
  27. The Suzuki Circle around the Suzuki Triangle
  28. Play Your Pitch Pipe (Chromatic Pitch Instrument)
  29. Drop and Roll, Rock and Roll
  30. Parents hum and sing with the songs
  31. Amazing Slow Downer
  32. Choose One Point
  33. Attention on Teacher: At lesson, teacher wins child’s attention
  34. Suzuki Kids Listen Ahead + Listen Back
  35. Parents attend lessons, silent smiling support: Palsss
  36. Suzuki Method is Ear Development
  37. “Fruit for our Music + Music for our Fruit” View 2 Videos
  38. Vibrance Magazine No.3 article “Peace in the Pipes Gives health of All Types” by Armena Marderosian p.28-30 Summer 2009
  39. Vibrance Magazine No.3 cartoon “The Separation” by Anoush Suni p.91 Summer 2009
  40. Let Them Play
  41. Good Piano
  42. I get my protein from FRUIT!
  43. “Suzuki World” article July-August 1984 “Prospective Teachers Should Apprentice with Master Teacher” by Armena Marderosian, renamed by Suzuki World: “…On Training Suzuki Teachers” p.15 + 19

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Mother Tongue / Mother Move

Dear Suzuki Colleagues,

Babytalk / babywalk comes from Mother Tongue / Mother Move
How do we respond to children’s early utterances + early moving?
With enthusiastic pleasure + encouragement? (we don’t say “you moved your mouth wrong”)

In 1970, I saw results of Mother Move in a parade in Tbilisi, Georgia
A group of Vietnamese women walking in a parade all moved like water the whole group was a flowing stream of grace. Their Mother Move was IN them, different from the other ethnic groups’ way of moving
The babies watch this + imitate it into their own beings. Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki’s Mother Tongue Method includes Mother Move Armena Marderosian 20 October 2012 Ann Arbor, Michigan