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Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

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Seda Suny: 1986 Voice Of America Interview & Recital (53 minutes)

Seda Suny (1905 Tiflis-1994 New York), Dancer, Choreographer, Ballet School Founder (1928) and Teacher, Musician and Daughter of Armenian Composer Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939).

1986 Voice of America Interview and Recital

Interview in Armenian, Seda Suny’s home, Beacon, New York. Written Translation by Jeannette Hovsepian (Frenster).

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      1. Interviewer introduces Seda Suny, age 80, and asks her about her ballet school – 1:16Listen Now
      2. Seda Suny speaks of her dance career. – 1:22Listen Now
      3. Interviewer asks about her singing. – 0:10Listen Now
      4. Seda Suny tells of her education from 1914. – 1:26Listen Now
      5. Interviewer asks her about her father, Armenian composer Grikor Mirzaian Suni. – 0:10 Listen Now
      6. Seda Suny tells of Grikor Mirzaian Suni’s life, music and politics. – 2:23Listen Now
      7. Interviewer asks her about her trips to Armenia. – 0:12Listen Now
      8. Seda Suny tells of 1967 visit to Armenia’s ballet school, donation of father’s manuscripts to Armenian’s state museum. – 1:05Listen Now
      9. Interviewer asks Ms. Suny to sing folk songs. – 0:17Listen Now
      10. Seda introduces 7 Armenian folk songs, 1st and 3rd, Sareri Hovin Mernim, and Nenni Bala being her father’s songs. – 0:38Listen Now

        Seda Suny sings 7 Armenian songs, accompanying herself at the piano

      11. Sareri Hovin Mernim (For the Mountain Breeze I’d Die) by Grikor Mirzaian Suni, from his “Aregnazan” opera – 2:40Listen Now
      12. Siretsi Yarus Daran (I Loved, but) – 2:59Listen Now
      13. Nenni Bala (Sleep My Child) by Grikor Mirzaian Suni – 1:55Listen Now
      14. Aghji Horom (A Girl Named Horom)(Horom- Horum) – 2:02Listen Now
      15. Yes Bujoor Yarus Bujoor (I’m Little and My Sweetheart’s Little) yev (and) Dule Yaman (Dear Heart, Alas) – 3:51Listen Now
      16. Kez Em Mnoom Anoush Karoon (I’m Waiting for You Sweet Spring) – 3:30Listen Now
      17. Yerevan Bagh Em Arel (My Yerevan Orchard) – 2:06Listen Now
      18. Interviewer’s end: “It’s unbelievable” – 0:12Listen Now

        Seda Suny sings 9 Russian romance songs

      19. Myechda (Dream) – 3:04Listen Now
      20. Daska, Byechal (Suffering) – 2:17Listen Now
      21. Trivoka (Missing You) – 2:33Listen Now
      22. Sokol Prikrasni (Handsome Hawk) – 2:45Listen Now
      23. Pomnish Taganka (Do you remember Taganka?) – 3:05Listen Now
      24. Vsyo Shto Bila (All that’s Happened) – 2:38Listen Now
      25. Choovchik (Curly Bangs) – 2:08Listen Now
      26. Tyeni Minoovshego (Forgive Me) – 3:05Listen Now
      27. Proshchai (Farewell) – 2:54Listen Now