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Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

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“Armenian Songs of Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876 – 1939): Vocal Solos and Duets” (72:36 minutes)

Our first studio recording was completed in 1997. View the Flyer for this CD Now. (* You may need to download the free plugin Acrobat Reader to view the booklet. Click here to download >>) Included are 30 songs with piano, with four different soloists: soprano Elisabeth Pehlivanian, mezzo-soprano Maro Partamian, tenor Henrik Mihranian, and baritone Gourgen (George) Suny, age 85, son of the composer, with pianist Armena Marderosian. Four songs are duets, and the last song, Lorik, is in four voices. Many of these songs are written as four-part choral works, and can also be performed as solos or duets with choral parts on piano or other instruments – Suni’s special versatility!

Our 44-page CD booklet, along with biographies, maps, Armenian alphabet, glossary, and photos, has the text for each song shown three ways, side by side: the Armenian text, the English transliteration (about transliterations >>), and the English translation, with some musicological footnotes. View the booklet in PDF format now. [415KB] (* You may need to download the free plugin Acrobat Reader to view the booklet. Click here to download >>) Print the booklet so you can read the words to each song while you listen and sing along!

This 1997 CD was reissued in 2002 with a new cover on the CD booklet, and more information in its 44 pages.

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  1. Oy Yaro (Oh Sweetheart) – 1:12Listen Now
  2. Kyankn Anoosh (Sweet The Life) – 1:42Listen Now
  3. Inchoo Bingyolu Mtar (Why Did You Enter Bingyol?) – 1:23Listen Now
  4. Tooy-Tooy (Love Song) – 2:01Listen Now
  5. Kakav Trav (The Partridge Flew) – 3:54Listen Now
  6. Aghji Ari (Maiden Come) – 1:30Listen Now
  7. Miayn Kez (Only For You) – 4:00Listen Now
  8. Tsoren Em Tsaner (I Am Planting Wheat) – 0:44Listen Now
  9. Kali Yerg (Threshing Song) – 3:44Listen Now
  10. Habrban (Sweethearts Calling) – 1:57Listen Now
  11. Kyamancha (Spiked Fiddle) – 1:27Listen Now
  12. Mayisn Yekav (May Has Come) – 4:05Listen Now
  13. Mer Sareru (Our Mountains) – 1:04Listen Now
  14. Yete Mi Or (If One Day) – 2:53Listen Now
  15. Nenni Bala (Sleep My Child) – 1:39Listen Now
  16. Gatsek Amper (Go Away Clouds) – 3:26 Listen Now
  17. Sareru Man Em Yekel (In The Mountains I Have Wandered) – 1:44Listen Now
  18. Yarali Yar Jan (Wounded Love) – 3:14Listen Now
  19. Sareri Hovin Mernim (For The Mountain Breeze I’d Die) – 2:40Listen Now
  20. Ov Dook Sarer (Oh Ye Mountains) – 1:46Listen Now
  21. Indz Mi Khndrir (Beseech Me Not) – 5:24Listen Now
  22. Mshooshn E Patel (The Fog Has Encompassed All) – 1:52Listen Now
  23. Papal, Papal (Song To A Baby Boy) – 1:01Listen Now
  24. Dil, Lyoo, Lyoo (Uncle Came To Our Back Yard) – 0:32 Listen Now
  25. Saren Koo Ga Dziavor (From The Mountains Comes A Horseman) – 0:41Listen Now
  26. Hogis Mrmoor (My Tormented Soul) – 3:05Listen Now
  27. Aghkek Es (You’re Lovely) – 0:40Listen Now
  28. Kakavi Pes Man Koo Gas (You Walk Around Like A Partridge) – 2:16Listen Now
  29. Akh Al Vardi (Akh , Of The Red Rose) – 4:02Listen Now
  30. Lorik (Quail) – 4:51 Listen Now


“Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939): Archival Concert Recordings, 1935(?), 1940, 1971” (63:45 minutes)

The “Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939): Archival Concert Recordings, 1935(?), 1940, 1971” CD has 5 sections.

For the 1935(?), 1940, 1971 concerts, the piano accompanist is Grikor Mizaian Suni’s piano / voice student Araxie Hovsepian Samelian (born 1920), of Drexel Hill, PA. Araxie Hovsepian Samelian is daughter of Suni’s soprano soloist Clara Gulezian Hovsepian, herself daughter of Dr. Lucy Gulezian, Suni’s physician.

For the “1994, Gourgen (George) Suny sings, age 84 (son of Grikor Suni)” recital, the piano accompanist is his daughter-in-law (wife of his son Ronald Grigor Suny), Armena Marderosian.

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A. 1935(?) Grikor Mirzaian Suni conducts Suni Chorus, Philadelphia radio broadcast (from shellac record)

    1. Grikor Suni’s chorus: The American-Armenian Musical Society, Philadelphia Branch Suni Chorus will sing – 0:07Listen Now
    2. Zinch oo Zinch (What oh What) Mythological Folk Song (King Ara/Queen Semiramis-Shamiram) – 2:18Listen Now
    3. Ha Klor (Round Dance) [Ha Glor]0:33Listen Now
    4. Grikor Suni’s chorus: “America Hai Yerazhshtakan Miyootyan Philadelphiao Syuni Yerkchakhoombu gu yerke” – 0:08Listen Now
    5. Alagyaz (Mount Alagyaz/Aragats,northeast of Yerevan), a cappella – 2:19Listen Now
    6. Aghgeg Es (You’re Lovely) [Aghkek Es]0:34Listen Now

B. 1940, May 5,son Gourgen(George)Suni conducts chorus, orchestra, Philadelphia Fleisher Auditorium

    1. Areknazan Opera: Sareri Hovin Mernim (For the Mountain Breeze I’d Die). Chorus with orchestra – 2:24Listen Now
    2. Areknazan Opera: Ov Dook Sarer (Oh Ye Mountains). Rose Zulalian, soloist – 1:58Listen Now
    3. Gatsek Amper (Go Away Clouds). Dickran Hovsepian, soloist – 3:52Listen Now
    4. Arik Haigazoonk (Come Armenian Braves). Orchestra only – 1:56Listen Now
    5. Lorik (Quail). Clara Gulezian Hovsepian, soloist (mother of accompanist Araxie H. Unrelated to #9 Dickran H.) – 4:44Listen Now
    6. Arevelkoom (Orientale). Orchestra only – 3:16Listen Now

C. 1971, March 21, Gourgen (George) Suny conducts chorus,orchestra Philadelphia Academy of Music

    1. Erzurum March (city of Erzurum, 1910-1914), (orchestra only). Restored to full length. – 3:30Listen Now
    2. Arik Haigazoonk (Come Armenian Braves). Chorus with orchestra – 2:14Listen Now
    3. Alagyaz (Mount Alagyaz/Aragats,northeast of Yerevan), a cappella – 2:22Listen Now
    4. Zinch oo Zinch (What oh What) Mythological Folk Song (King Ara/Queen Semiramis-Shamiram) – 2:19Listen Now
    5. Asli Keram Opera, duet: Miayn Kez (Only For You). Doris Hoplamazian, Paul Mesejian, soloists – 3:58Listen Now
    6. Arek Nazan Opera: Sareri Hovin Mernim (For the Mountain Breeze I’d Die). Chorus with orchestra – 2:03Listen Now
    7. Arek Nazan Opera: Ov Dook Sarer (Oh Ye Mountains). Paul Mesejian, soloist – 2:06Listen Now
    8. Sketches of Van [Vana Eskizner]. Orchestra only) – 3:30Listen Now
    9. Arevelkoom (Orientale). Orchestra only) – 3:00Listen Now
    10. Hoy Nar (expression of happiness in western Armenian dialect). Doris Hoplamazian, soloist. Piano accompanist above: Araxie Hovsepian Samelian (Dr.Lucy Gulezian’s granddaughter). Below: Armena Marderosian – 5:48Listen Now

D. 1994, Suni’s son Gourgen (George) Suny sings, age 84 (1910-1995)

    1. Yete Mi Or (If One Day). Poem by Hovhannes Toumanian (1869-1923) – 2:50Listen Now
    2. Yerevan Bagh (Yerevan Garden). Arranged by Gourgen (George) Suny – 3:18Listen Now

E. 1986, Suni’s daughter Seda Suny sings/plays for Voice of America, age 80

  1. Yerevan Bagh (Yerevan Garden). Seda Suny (1905-1994) sings at the piano – 2:07Listen Now

1962 Armen Guirag sings, with the Orchestra of Sao-Paulo City conducted by Edoardo De Guarnieri, two Armenian Patriotic Songs: “Mer Hayrenik (Our Fatherland)”, and Grikor Suni’s “Mshag Panvor/Mshak Banvor” (Cultivator Worker)” Kaylerk (March). This 1962 GuiraK Recordings record “Armenian Patriotic Songs” is a 2011 gift to us from Aspet Victor Papakhian.


“Mshag Panvor/Mshak Banvor” patriotic march was composed by Grikor Mirzaian Suni while he was a member of the Մեր Հայրենիք (Armenian Revolutionary Federation ARF)

Eastern Armenian Հայ Յեղափոխական Դաշնակցություն ՀՅԴ
Western Armenian (արևմտահայերեն՝ Հայ Յեղափոխական Դաշնակցութիւն – ՀՅԴ)


Hai Heghapokhakan Dashnaktsutiun=Hai Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsutiun=H.H.D.=H.H.T. (also called the Tashnagtsootyun= Dashnaktsootyun). In 1910 Suni broke with this party and left it saying “and you can’t use my songs!” To their reply “But we need your songs”, Suni relied “Then remove my name”. This was told to us by Suni’s son Gourgen (George) Suny and by Suni’s student Ferdinand Kaimakamian.

Suni wrote many marches. Musicologist composer Robert Atayan said that any Armenian marches from his period were composed by Grikor Suni. Some songbooks exist with other’s names given as composer for marches actually composed by Suni. This was told to us by Grikor Suni’s musicology student Ferdinand Kaimakamian. See the 1943 biography “Grikor M. Suni: Yerazhshtagetu yev Mardu (Musician and Man)” by Hagop Kouyoumjian (Philadelphia). Eastern Armenian transliteration into English is “Mshak Banvor”. Western Armenian transliteration into English is “Mshag Panvor”.

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  1. Mer Hayrenik Մեր Հայրենիք – 2:37Listen Now
  2. Mshak Panvor/Mshak Banvor Մշակ բանուր – 1:47Listen Now

Translation of Record Jacket (Eastern Armenian)
(not including the song words) Translation by Dzovinar Derderian, University of Michigan, March 2011, Ann Arbor, Michigan. GuiraK Records 1962 Brazil recording “Armenian Patriotic Songs” of Grikor Suni’s march “Mshag Panvor/Mshak Banvor” sung by Armen Guirag, with the orchestra of Sao-Paulo City, conducted by Edoardo De Guarnieri, along with the patriotic song “Mer Hayrenik” (not by Suni).

Nver H.H.T. = Nver Hai Heghapokhagan Dashnaktsutiun = Gift of the ARF Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Armen Guirak sings on behalf of Tiar Ghazar Eminian. Symphony Orchestra of San Paulo City, Conductor Edoardo De Guarnieri. Tiar Ghazar Eminian is an Armenian from Nor Jougha, Iran. He, for many years has lived in San Paolo, Brazil, with his family. He has 3 children. Mr. Gh. Eminian long ago founded an electronics shop, and reached to an honorable position. He is not only respected among foreigners, but he is also liked by the Armenian community, and is known as a person who helps his nation and loves his nation. Below we provide a picture of his handwriting:

San Paulo, 8 January 1962
Dear Mr. A. Guirag,

According to our last conversation and agreement I send you here the sum that I had promised to you, which you are going to spend on the songs that I have given to the ARF on my behalf (the songs are Mshag Panvor/Mshak Banvor [Cultivator Laborer] and Mer Hayrenik [Our Fatherland]). The money is for the salary of the artists and other related expenses. I am sure that you are going to start working soon, in order to quietly produce that small but important record-plate.

Let this modest present of mine be considered as an expression of my sympathetic feelings towards the ARF.

With many thanks, let me be with a friendly love and good luck with warm wishes,
Ghazar Eminian.


Translation and Transliteration for Grikor Suni’s composition “Mshag Panvor/Mshak Banvor” (Cultivator Worker) patriotic march for the ARF Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Tashnagtsootyun. Dashnaktsutiun. Translation. Sung by Armen Guirag on the 1962 Brazilian record “Armenian Patriotic Songs” with the Orchestra of Sao Paulo City conducted by Edoardo De Guarnieri

Below from an ARF website are a translation and a transliteration for Grikor Suni’s patriotic march “Mshag Panvor” from the 1983 book by the Հ Յ Դաշնակցութեան (Armenian Revolutionary Federation ARF) called “Armenian National and Revolutionary Songs”. Dashnaktsutiun = Tashnaktsootyun =Federation.

Farmer, labourer, working brother
Come, let us unite and march forward
Let us give our arms and backs
To the protector of toil and work, the Tashnagtzootun.

It is enough that we suffer, shed sweat,
blood earnings work to accumulate.
Exploiter parasites then come to waste
And leave dry bread for our share.

Then, black days, turn into protest
Blood, sweat, enter into pains of labor
Torment, deprivation, sprout tongues,
and open the way for the Tashnagtzootun.



Mshag Panvor/Mshak Banvor, composed by Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

Mshag, panvor, renchber aghper,
Arik, miyanank, harach knank,
Ashkhadanki, tadi bashdban
Tashnagtsoutian tev tigounk dank.

Pav eh danchvenk, krdink tapenk,
Aryun vasdag tadenk, tizenk,
Shahakordzogh tsetser vadnen,
Isg mez chor hats pajin hanen.

Teh, sev orer, poghok tartsek,
Aryun krdink yergounk mdek,
Danchank, zrgank, lezou arek,
Tashnagtsoutian djampa patsek.

Մշակ բանուորՙ րէնջպէր աղբէրՙ
Արի՛ք միանանքՙ յարաջ գնանքՙ
Աշխատանքի դատին պաչպան
Դաշնակցութեան թև թիկունք տանքԱ՛խՙ մենք տանջուենքՙ քրտինք թափենքՙ
Արիւն վաստակ դատենք դիզենքՙ
Շահագործող ցեցեր վատնենՙ
Իսկ մեզ չոր հաց բաժին հանենԴէ՛հՙ սև օրերՙ բողոք դարձէքՙ
Արիւնՙ քրտինք երկունք մտէքՙ
Տանջանքՙ զրկանքՙ լեզու առէքՙ
Դաշնակցութեան ճամբա՛յ բացէք֊֊֊










About “Mer Hayrenik”

(This not a composition of Grikor Suni), the other song on our 1962 record “Armenian Patriotic Songs” sung in Brazil
by Armen Guirag with the Orchestra of Sao-Paulo City conducted by Edoardo De Guarnieri

“Mer Hayrenik” (“Our Fatherland”) not composed by Grikor Suni, the composer of the melody is unknown. Below writes conductor Vatsche Barsoumian (2011):

“Mer Hayreniq” is an adaptation from an Italian poem by Michael Nalbantian (1829-1866) -late 1850s or early 1860s. Usually Nalbantian’s poems were immediately set to music by known and unknown hands. Therefore, I believe the music (which, to my view, is also inspired by Verdi’s “Va Pensiero” from his opera Nabucco), comes from around the same period. It resonated with the sentiments of the Italian patriotic movement of the 1850’s and was
influenced in many ways by the melos and ethos of the hymns they sang. These hymns were widespread and encouraged nationalistic sentiments, and Armenians freely adopted them for their use. Parsegh Ganatchian (1885-1967), published a songbook towards the end of the second decade of the 20th century, where he included this hymn with his modest harmonization, hence the mistaken reference to his authorship. [We don’t have] a copy of the original Italian poem.

“Mer Hayrenik” (Armenian script: Մեր Հայրենիք ; English translation: Our Fatherland) is the national anthem of Armenia. Adopted on July 1, 1991, it is based on the anthem of the Democratic Republic of Armenia (1918-1922), but with different lyrics. The lyrics of the anthem are adapted from a version of “The Song of the Italian girl” (Armenian: Իտալացի աղջկա երգը, written in 1859) by Mikael Nalbandian (1829-1866).


Seda Suny: 1986 Voice Of America Interview & Recital (53 minutes)

Seda Suny (1905 Tiflis-1994 New York), Dancer, Choreographer, Ballet School Founder (1928) and Teacher, Musician and Daughter of Armenian Composer Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939).

1986 Voice of America Interview and Recital

Interview in Armenian, Seda Suny’s home, Beacon, New York. Written Translation by Jeannette Hovsepian (Frenster).

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      1. Interviewer introduces Seda Suny, age 80, and asks her about her ballet school – 1:16Listen Now
      2. Seda Suny speaks of her dance career. – 1:22Listen Now
      3. Interviewer asks about her singing. – 0:10Listen Now
      4. Seda Suny tells of her education from 1914. – 1:26Listen Now
      5. Interviewer asks her about her father, Armenian composer Grikor Mirzaian Suni. – 0:10 Listen Now
      6. Seda Suny tells of Grikor Mirzaian Suni’s life, music and politics. – 2:23Listen Now
      7. Interviewer asks her about her trips to Armenia. – 0:12Listen Now
      8. Seda Suny tells of 1967 visit to Armenia’s ballet school, donation of father’s manuscripts to Armenian’s state museum. – 1:05Listen Now
      9. Interviewer asks Ms. Suny to sing folk songs. – 0:17Listen Now
      10. Seda introduces 7 Armenian folk songs, 1st and 3rd, Sareri Hovin Mernim, and Nenni Bala being her father’s songs. – 0:38Listen Now

        Seda Suny sings 7 Armenian songs, accompanying herself at the piano

      11. Sareri Hovin Mernim (For the Mountain Breeze I’d Die) by Grikor Mirzaian Suni, from his “Aregnazan” opera – 2:40Listen Now
      12. Siretsi Yarus Daran (I Loved, but) – 2:59Listen Now
      13. Nenni Bala (Sleep My Child) by Grikor Mirzaian Suni – 1:55Listen Now
      14. Aghji Horom (A Girl Named Horom)(Horom- Horum) – 2:02Listen Now
      15. Yes Bujoor Yarus Bujoor (I’m Little and My Sweetheart’s Little) yev (and) Dule Yaman (Dear Heart, Alas) – 3:51Listen Now
      16. Kez Em Mnoom Anoush Karoon (I’m Waiting for You Sweet Spring) – 3:30Listen Now
      17. Yerevan Bagh Em Arel (My Yerevan Orchard) – 2:06Listen Now
      18. Interviewer’s end: “It’s unbelievable” – 0:12Listen Now

        Seda Suny sings 9 Russian romance songs

      19. Myechda (Dream) – 3:04Listen Now
      20. Daska, Byechal (Suffering) – 2:17Listen Now
      21. Trivoka (Missing You) – 2:33Listen Now
      22. Sokol Prikrasni (Handsome Hawk) – 2:45Listen Now
      23. Pomnish Taganka (Do you remember Taganka?) – 3:05Listen Now
      24. Vsyo Shto Bila (All that’s Happened) – 2:38Listen Now
      25. Choovchik (Curly Bangs) – 2:08Listen Now
      26. Tyeni Minoovshego (Forgive Me) – 3:05Listen Now
      27. Proshchai (Farewell) – 2:54Listen Now


“Voosh-Voosh” – Conducted By Vatsche Barsoumian, 1990, California (2:30 minutes)

Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939), Suni’s “Voosh-Voosh”, a cappella choral work conducted by Vatsche Barsoumian, 1990, Eagle Rock, California. A song to comfort the sad heart. – 2:30

Listen Now


1998 November 13 Suni Chamber Music concert, AGBU School, Southfield, Michigan (16:16 minutes)

    Selected Choral Works of Grikor Mirzaian Suni 

    Chamber group with Helen Near, flute; Brooke Hoplamazian, violin; Scott Stefanko, viola; Nadine Deleury, cello; and Armena Marderosian, piano:

  1. Ha Klor (Ha Glor) (Round Dance) – 0:52Listen Now
  2. Shogher Jan (Shogher Dear) – 0:56Listen Now
  3. Kot oo Kes (God oo Ges) Bucket and a Half – 1:39Listen Now
  4. Hoontzk (Harvest) – 1:01 Listen Now
  5. Aghgeg Es (You’re Lovely) – 0:52Listen Now
  6. Lo-Lo (dramatic historical) – 7:21 Listen Now
  7. Great granddaughters of Suni with their mother:
    Anoush Suni, 11, violin then soprano voice, and Armena Marderosian, piano

  8. Oy Nazanum (Oh My Nazan) – 0:44Listen Now
  9. Dil, Lyoo, Lyoo, Lyoo (Uncle came to our backyard) – 0:46Listen Now
  10. Sevan Suni, 16 and Anoush Suni, 11 violins, and Armena Marderosian, piano

  11. Aghji Ari (Maiden, Come) – 1:35Listen Now


2006 April 29 Chamber Music Concert – Palo Alto, California, All Saints Episcopal Church (32 minutes)

Armenian Songs of Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939) Choral works, vocal solos and duets, two orchestral works.

Armenian Composer Grikor Mirzaian Suni’s great granddaughter violinist Sevan Siranoush Suni (SSS) and grand daughter-in-law pianist Armena Marderosian perform 18 works of Suni with Topaz Chamber Ensemble’s Mimi Dye, viola, Jane Lenoir, flute, Peter Barshay, bass.

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  1. Tooy-Tooy (Dooy-Dooy) [Happy Love Song] – 2:03 (SSS) – Listen Now
  2. Oy Nazanum (Oh My Nazan) – 0:44Listen Now
  3. Hoontzk (Harvest) – 0:39Listen Now
  4. Dil, Lyoo, Lyoo (Uncle Came to Our Backyard) – 0:38Listen Now
  5. Tsoren Em Tsaner (I Have Sown Wheat) – 0:46Listen Now
  6. Oy Yaro (Oh Sweetheart) – 0:51Listen Now
  7. Aghgeg Es (You’re Lovely) – 0:39Listen Now
  8. Alagyaz [Mount Aragats] – 1:39Listen Now
  9. Aghji Ari (Maiden Come) duet – 1:25Listen Now
  10. Miayn Kez (Only for You) duet – 4:15Listen Now
  11. Kali Yerg-Gali Yerk (Threshing Song) – 1:56Listen Now
  12. Kyankn Anoosh (Sweet the Life) – 2:09 (SSS) – Listen Now
  13. Zinch oo Zinch (What O What) [mythological] – 2:29Listen Now
  14. Habrban (Sweethearts Calling) duet – 1:57Listen Now
  15. Voosh-Voosh [expression of grief] – 1:50Listen Now
  16. Shogher Jan (Shogher Dear) – 0:33Listen Now
  17. Sketches of Van – 3:35Listen Now
  18. (Orientale) Arevelkoom – 4:04Listen Now


2008 January 17 Suni Concert, Southfield, Michigan, Armenian Congregational Church (76:36 minutes) Armenian Music of Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939) Concert sponsored by the Tekeyan Cultural Association and The Suni Project.

Maro Partamian, mezzo-soprano
Rubik Mailian, lyric tenor
Armena Marderosian, pianist
Sevan Suni, (21), violin, great granddaughter of the composer
Anoush Suni, (26), violin, oud, great granddaughter of the composer
Daniel Yousef Tehrani, dumbeg drum

  1. Introduction by Nora Azadian for The Tekeyan Cultural Association Overview of the song texts by Anahit Toumajan (3:40) – Listen Now
  2. Miayn Kez (Only for You) MP & RM (4:16) – Listen Now
  3. Kyankn Anoosh (Sweet the Life) MP (1:14) – Listen Now
  4. Inchoo Bingyolu Mtar? (Why Did You Enter Bingyol?) RM (1:31) – Listen Now
  5. Erz’room March (orchestral march for the city of Erz’room) SS & AS (3:52) – Listen Now
  6. Kali Yerk (Threshing Song) [sung to the oxen] RM (2:03) – Listen Now
  7. Mayisn Yekav (May Has Come) MP Violinists’ medley SEVAN SUNI and ANOUSH SUNI (4:32) – Listen Now
  8. Violin Medley (3:57) – Listen Now
    • Oy Nazanum (Oh My Nazan) SS
    • Hoontzk (Harvest) AS
    • Dill Lyoo Lyoo (Uncle Came to our Backyard) SS
    • Tsoren Em Tsaner (I Have Sown Wheat) AS
    • Oy Yaro (Oh Sweetheart) SS
    • Aghgeg Es (You’re Lovely) SS & AS
  9. Alakyaz (Mount Alakyaz) MP & RM (1:34) – Listen Now
  10. Aghji Ari (Maiden, Come) MP & RM (1:35) – Listen Now
  11. Sareri Hovin Mernim (For the Mountain Breeze I’d Die) MP (2:24) – Listen Now
  12. Ov Dook Sarer (Oh Ye Mountains) RM (1:55) – Listen Now
  13. Kyamancha (Spiked Fiddle) MP (0:46) – Listen Now
  14. Sareru Man Em Yekel (In the Mountains I have Wandered) RM (2:56) – Listen Now
  15. Papal Papal (Song to Bounce a Baby Boy) MP (0:44) – Listen Now
  16. Nenni Bala (Sleep My Child) MP (2:11) – Listen Now
  17. Zinch oo Zinch (What Oh What shall I give to the swimmers?) RM (2:26) – Listen Now
  18. Mer Sareru (Our Mountains) MP (1:26) – Listen Now
  19. Lorik (Quail) RM & MP (4:09) – Listen Now
  20. Arevelkoom (Orientale) SS & AS (3:45) – Listen Now
  21. OUD selections played and sung by Anoush Suni with Daniel Yousef Tehrani (3:49) – Listen Now
    • Horom Horom (a Girl Named Horom)
    • dumbeg drum solo – DYT
    • Ha Klor (Round Dance)
  22. Tooy-Tooy (Exclamation of Happiness in Eastern Armenian) SS (1:45) – Listen Now
  23. Shogher Jan (Shogher Dear) RM & MP (1:42) – Listen Now
  24. Voosh Voosh (Expression of Grieving) RM & MP (2:17) – Listen Now
  25. Aghgeg Es (You’re Lovely) RM (0:39) – Listen Now
  26. Habrban (Sweethearts Calling to each other) RM & MP (1:59) – Listen Now
  27. Hokis Mrmoor (My Tormented Soul) MP (1:59) – Listen Now
  28. Saren Koo Ga Dziavor (From the Mountains Comes a Horseman) RM (1:37) – Listen Now
  29. Yete Mi Or (If One Day you visit my grave) RM (2:55) – Listen Now
  30. Mshooshn Eh Patel (The Fog Has Encompassed All) MP (1:52) – Listen Now
  31. Gatsek Amper (Go Away Clouds and take a message to my love) RM & MP (3:32) – Listen Now
  32. Arik Haigazoonk (Come Armenians) Armenian National Anthem MP & RM(1:25) – Listen Now


2009 Friday January 2 Suni Concert Ann Arbor District Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan (53:02 minutes) Invited by the Ann Arbor District Library, (Downtown lower level), 343 S. Fifth Ave, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Presented by a chamber ensemble of musicians including Grikor Suni’s great granddaughters violinists Sevan Suni (26), + Anoush Suni (21, who will also play oud), their mother pianist Armena Marderosian, (wife of Professor Ronald Grigor Suny), tenor Rubik Mailian, and soprano Anahit Toumajan. Grikor Suni collected Armenian folk music, thru all Armenian areas of the Caucasus + Middle East, from which he created beautiful concert works.


  1. Short talk by Armena Marderosian about Grikor Mirzaian Suni (4:10) – Listen Now
  2. Oy Nazanum (Oh My Nazan) (00:53) – Listen Now
  3. Hoontzk (Harvest) (00:35) – Listen Now
  4. Dil Lyoo Lyoo (Uncle Came to Our Backyard) (00:33) – Listen Now
  5. Tsoren Em Tsaner (I Have Sown Wheat) (00:43) – Listen Now
  6. Oy Yaro (Sweetheart) (00:47) – Listen Now
  7. Aghgeg Es (You’re Lovely) (00:45) – Listen Now
  8. Alakyaz (Name of a beloved high mountain in Armenia) (1:58) – Listen Now
  9. Zinch oo Zinch (What Oh What shall I give to the swimmers_) (2:26) – Listen Now
  10. Kyankn Anoosh (Sweet the Life) (2:10) – Listen Now
  11. Inchoo Bingyolu Mtar_ (Why Did You Enter Bingyol_) (1:37) – Listen Now
  12. Shogher Jan (Shogher Dear) (1:43) – Listen Now
  13. Saren Kooga Dziavor (From the Mountains Comes a Horseman) (1:37) – Listen Now
  14. Habrban (Sweethearts Calling to each other) (2:04) – Listen Now
  15. Yete Mi Or (If One Day you visit my grave) (2:59) – Listen Now
  16. Kali Yerk [Gali Yerk] (Threshing Song) (3:42) – Listen Now
  17. Horom Horom, Aghji Horom (A Girl Named Horom) (2:39) – Listen Now
  18. Kot oo Kes [God oo Ges] (Bucket and a Half) (2:26) – Listen Now
  19. Ha Klor [Ha glor] (Round Dance) (2:16) – Listen Now
  20. Sareru Man Em Yekel (In the Mountain I Have Wandered) (3:24) – Listen Now
  21. Sareri Hovin Mernm (For the Mountain Breeze I’d Die) (2:49) – Listen Now
  22. Ov Dook Sarer (Oh Ye Mountains) (2:01) – Listen Now
  23. Nenni Bala (Sleep My Child) (2:13) – Listen Now
  24. Arevelkoom (Orientale) (3:50) – Listen Now
  25. Kyamancha (Spiked Fiddle) (1:27) – Listen Now
  26. Tooy-Tooy [Dooy-Dooy] (2:24) – Listen Now
  27. Gatsek Amper (Go Away Clouds and take a message to my love) (3:15) – Listen Now
  28. Erz’room March (4:16) – Listen Now

2009 December 29 Suni concert in Yerevan, Armenia at Hovhannes Toumanian Museum

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