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Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

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Armenian Songs Of Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939): Vocal Solos and Duets. 1997 Recording.
Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939): Archival Concert Recordings, 1935(?), 1940, 1971
Seda Suny: 1986 Voice of America Interview and Recital
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Did you know Grikor Mirzaian Suni or sing in his choruses, or sing his music, or have any contact, or know anyone who did? Could you tell us about your interest in him and his music? We want to learn more. Please tell us and take as much space as you want. We would like to learn of memories, knowledge, historical items, music scores, concert programs, recordings, books, letters, other materials related to Armenian composer Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939). Thank you!

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