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Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

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“Armenian Songs of Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876 – 1939): Vocal Solos and Duets” (72:36 minutes)

Our first studio recording was completed in 1997. View the Flyer for this CD Now. (* You may need to download the free plugin Acrobat Reader to view the booklet. Click here to download >>) Included are 30 songs with piano, with four different soloists: soprano Elisabeth Pehlivanian, mezzo-soprano Maro Partamian, tenor Henrik Mihranian, and baritone Gourgen (George) Suny, age 85, son of the composer, with pianist Armena Marderosian. Four songs are duets, and the last song, Lorik, is in four voices. Many of these songs are written as four-part choral works, and can also be performed as solos or duets with choral parts on piano or other instruments – Suni’s special versatility!

Our 44-page CD booklet, along with biographies, maps, Armenian alphabet, glossary, and photos, has the text for each song shown three ways, side by side: the Armenian text, the English transliteration (about transliterations >>), and the English translation, with some musicological footnotes. View the booklet in PDF format now. [415KB] (* You may need to download the free plugin Acrobat Reader to view the booklet. Click here to download >>) Print the booklet so you can read the words to each song while you listen and sing along!

This 1997 CD was reissued in 2002 with a new cover on the CD booklet, and more information in its 44 pages.

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  1. Oy Yaro (Oh Sweetheart) – 1:12Listen Now
  2. Kyankn Anoosh (Sweet The Life) – 1:42Listen Now
  3. Inchoo Bingyolu Mtar (Why Did You Enter Bingyol?) – 1:23Listen Now
  4. Tooy-Tooy (Love Song) – 2:01Listen Now
  5. Kakav Trav (The Partridge Flew) – 3:54Listen Now
  6. Aghji Ari (Maiden Come) – 1:30Listen Now
  7. Miayn Kez (Only For You) – 4:00Listen Now
  8. Tsoren Em Tsaner (I Am Planting Wheat) – 0:44Listen Now
  9. Kali Yerg (Threshing Song) – 3:44Listen Now
  10. Habrban (Sweethearts Calling) – 1:57Listen Now
  11. Kyamancha (Spiked Fiddle) – 1:27Listen Now
  12. Mayisn Yekav (May Has Come) – 4:05Listen Now
  13. Mer Sareru (Our Mountains) – 1:04Listen Now
  14. Yete Mi Or (If One Day) – 2:53Listen Now
  15. Nenni Bala (Sleep My Child) – 1:39Listen Now
  16. Gatsek Amper (Go Away Clouds) – 3:26 Listen Now
  17. Sareru Man Em Yekel (In The Mountains I Have Wandered) – 1:44Listen Now
  18. Yarali Yar Jan (Wounded Love) – 3:14Listen Now
  19. Sareri Hovin Mernim (For The Mountain Breeze I’d Die) – 2:40Listen Now
  20. Ov Dook Sarer (Oh Ye Mountains) – 1:46Listen Now
  21. Indz Mi Khndrir (Beseech Me Not) – 5:24Listen Now
  22. Mshooshn E Patel (The Fog Has Encompassed All) – 1:52Listen Now
  23. Papal, Papal (Song To A Baby Boy) – 1:01Listen Now
  24. Dil, Lyoo, Lyoo (Uncle Came To Our Back Yard) – 0:32 Listen Now
  25. Saren Koo Ga Dziavor (From The Mountains Comes A Horseman) – 0:41Listen Now
  26. Hogis Mrmoor (My Tormented Soul) – 3:05Listen Now
  27. Aghkek Es (You’re Lovely) – 0:40Listen Now
  28. Kakavi Pes Man Koo Gas (You Walk Around Like A Partridge) – 2:16Listen Now
  29. Akh Al Vardi (Akh , Of The Red Rose) – 4:02Listen Now
  30. Lorik (Quail) – 4:51 Listen Now