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Grikor Mirzaian Suni (1876-1939)

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About the Suni Project

About Us

The Suni Project: Music Preservation received 501(c) 3 status as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in 1995.

The Suni Project collects and maintains an archive of music scores of Grikor Mirzaian Suni, writings by and about him, and recordings, in conjunction with the archive in Armenia. We foster performances, recordings, translations and publication. Most of Grikor Mirzaian Suni‘s music compositions are out of print or unpublished. We look for people who have memories of Suni or who have materials, always searching for the lost manuscripts. If you have some, please share them with us!

Grikor Mirzaian Suni was recognized early on as a great talent, and developed into a charismatic and dynamic force wherever he went organizing folk choruses, training musicians, conducting, composing, and collecting, arranging and teaching folk songs for concert presentation. Due to war, genocide, revolution, collapse of empires, politics, and illness, he had to flee again and again, leaving behind music, choruses, and students. Eventually due to his politics, especially his criticism of Stalin, his music and recognition was suppressed. The Suni Project works to restore recognition to this great musician and his beautiful music.

Board of Directors

Edmond Yervant Azadian of Masco Corporation in Taylor, Michigan is an author, lecturer and journalist. Born in Egypt, he is active in Armenian cultural affairs in the international Armenian diaspora, from Detroit to California, (the whole US), to Armenia, South America, Europe, and Asia, wherever there are Armenian institutions and publications, including newspapers.

Nora Azadian is a retired Armenian language and art teacher of the Alex and Marie Manoogian AGBU Day School in Southfield, Michigan. Born in Cairo, she’s active internationally in Armenian culture especially in music, art, and drama.

Alice Berberian Haidostian is a pianist, a retired director of Detroit-area Armenian choirs, and former piano student of Grikor Mirzaian Suni. She is very active in promoting presentations of Armenian cultural treasures especially in music, most recently Armenian operas presented in San Francisco in Detroit.

Timothy Hofer is associate professor of medicine and a physician researcher at the University of Michigan, with experience and interest in Armenian cultural affairs especially music and history, and in the regions of the former Soviet Union.

Armena Marderosian is a pianist, on the faculty of the Ann Arbor Suzuki Institute, and is the pianist and director for The Suni Project: Music Preservation. She is the wife of Grikor Mirzaian Suni’s grandson Ronald Grigor Suny.

Lewis Siegelbaum is professor of history at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan with interest in music, and Armenian culture and history. His field is Soviet and Russian history.

Ronald Grigor Suny is professor of political science at the University of Chicago, and former professor of history (specialist in Soviet and Armenian history) at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He was the first holder of the Alex Manoogian Chair of Modern Armenian History at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is a grandson of Grikor Mirzaian Suni.

Anahit Toumajan is a teacher of Armenian language at the Alex and Marie Manoogian AGBU Armenian Day School in Southfield, Michigan. Born in Armenia, she is a translator with expertise in Armenian dialects, and has special interest in Armenian music.

Dickran Toumajan is professor of Armenian language at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He studied Armenian language at the State University in Yerevan, Armenia, and is a translator. He is the nephew of Armenian musicologist and composer Mihran Toumajan.